Tips and Guidelines to Playing a Pokies Machine

When it comes to playing pokies online there are no specific rules that you need to follow. Typically there are just a few guidelines that will help you to succeed and increase your winnings. You put in a coin, pull the lever, and watch what happens. It is easy, fun, and does not require an expert to play. There are some guidelines that will help you to better understand your pokie machine both online and in-person.


Certain machines have higher payouts than other. New machines standardly all have the same chances for wins. If you play a pokie machine that has a payout of $5 or more then you are more than likely going to receive higher ranges of payouts. If they are less than $5, then your winnings will significantly decrease.

Single payout pokies have a better chance of winnings than multiple-line payouts. The smaller the jackpot the better chance you have of winning that jackpot. You also have to factor in bonuses and daily spins into your winning opportunities. The higher return to player rate the machine has, the higher chance you have to win.


You may be wondering how you increase your chance of winning at the pokie machine. Most of this depends on what machine and what game you are playing. If you are a fan of progressive jackpot pokies than it is important to remember to stay away from any who have hit a jackpot within the last couple of months. Chances are, this machine will not hit a high payout anytime soon. Stick to machines that have not had a payout in quite some time. You have a better chance of having a successful game.

One of the most important things to remember is to always place a maximum bet. It is literally one of the only ways that you can hit a jackpot. If you are playing an online game and you find one you are successful with, stick with it. Chances are you have found a gold mine.

Just Have Fun

The good thing about playing a pokie slot either online or in a casino is that you can have fun no matter what you do. Keep control over your winnings and don’t stress out. The most important thing that you can do is to have a good time and relax. You will always be a winner when you’re having fun.

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